Finding a place for everything in your home can be a challenge, especially if you are short on space. Cosy pads and house/flat shares are common especially for those of us living in cities and therefore it’s important to make the most of the space we do have.

We’ve pulled together some nifty options that will enable you to maximise your space and get organised cheaply and easily.

1. Store on your door

There’s a whole world of door storage out there that will help you to keep your home tidy. One of the better-known is over door hooks where you can hang your coats and scarves without having to drill any holes. These hooks could also be used for hanging jewellery so you don’t have to battle with detangling necklaces every time you want to wear one.

There are also some great options that you can use on wardrobe doors or in your bathroom. For example, over-door shoe racks and hanging organisers. The good news is there are loads of choices and they don’t have to be expensive.

2. Make the most of under-bed space 

Storing under your bed is really helpful, however, if you don’t feel like you have much space there is a way to increase it. Bed risers are a handy tool that sit under the feet of your bed to raise it and create more storage space for you.

3. Incorporate storage into your décor

Why not invest in some decorative storage boxes that look great and help keep your house neat? You can have these out on display and they’ll seamlessly fit into the décor of your home.

 4. Use your suitcase to store seasonal clothing

When winter comes around, you’re unlikely to be getting much use out of your shorts and skimpy swimwear for at least a few months. Likewise, in summer you’re not going to need your collection of ten thick jumpers and five coats.

Most of us already have a suitcase taking up space somewhere in our home so why not turn it into a handy storage solution by keeping your seasonal wear in it?

5. Choose furniture with space-saving options

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, take storage and space-saving into consideration. There are plenty of options for beds, sofas and tables that offer internal storage that will make it a whole lot easier for you to keep your place tidy. You may also want to choose a dining set that has an expandable table and folding chairs that you can put away when you don’t have guests.

6. Invest in vacuum bags

If you’ve been travelling at all, you may have already come across space-saving vacuum bags. These are storage bags that you can suck all the air out of once you have filled them. If you’re looking to store some stuff that you rarely access, these could be an ideal option for you.

7. Put some draws inside your wardrobe

If you have a decent size wardrobe that doesn’t have any shelving then you could try finding a chest of draws that will fit inside it. This way you will have both hanging and drawer space for your clothes without taking up any additional space in your bedroom. 

8. Install an under-the-sink cabinet for toiletries

The bathroom is often a place where we have very limited storage but lots of toiletries to try and organise. If you have space under your sink, installing a cabinet there should give you plenty of room for shampoos, deodorants and spare toilet rolls.

9. Use sticky hooks

Sticky hooks are easy to install and pretty cheap. A great place to use them is insider your kitchen cupboard doors where you can hang clothes, tea towels and saucepan lids.

10. Get extra rails

Tension rods are essentially railing that don’t require and fittings that need screwing into your surfaces. Instead, as their name suggests, they use tension to stay up. You can use them to create extra hanging space in your wardrobe or inside kitchen cupboards for hanging cleaning spray bottles.

11. Have regular sort-outs

When was the last time you went through your cupboards and got rid of a few things? If you haven’t touched something in the last year then it may well be time to get rid and free up some storage space for the things you do use. When it comes to clothes that you haven’t worn in ages, you can make some money by selling them online or donate to charity shops.

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