Whether you’re a renter, homeowner, or student, we’d all benefit from following energy saving tips that will reduce bills and your carbon footprint. We know that energy prices are soaring, and small changes really can have a big impact on your bill.

Let’s have a look at some practical energy saving tips that we can all benefit from.

1. Switching devices off standby

The vast majority of electrical appliances can be turned off at the plug without causing any upset to their programming. Most of us can admit to leaving our TVs on standby mode instead of turning them off at the socket, but did you know you can save around £55 a year by switching devices off properly?

2. Turning off lights

This is one of the simplest energy saving tips that you should get into the habit of doing. When you leave a room, or don’t need them, turning off your lights can save you £20 a year.

Bonus Tip: Ensure you’re using LED bulbs in your home to boost energy savings even further.

3. Spending less time in the shower

energy savings tips - shower

If you can keep your shower time to 4 minutes, a typical household would save £70 a year on energy bills! Even better, if you have a gym membership, make the most of their shower facilities and shower less at home.

4. Draught-proofing doors and windows

Your home loses heat through door and window draughts, gaps in flooring and through the chimney if you have one. Unless your house is very new, it’s worth looking into fixing these areas either professionally or through DIY methods. This could save you on average £45 a year on your energy bills.

5. Being smart with your washing

If you can wash your clothes on a 30-degree cycle and try to cut down one wash a week, you could save around £28 a year. You should also try to have a full load every time so that you make the most of the energy you are using.

6. Ditching the tumble dryer

This is easier to manage in summer when we have warmer weather for drying clothes outside and on racks. If you can avoid the tumble dryer where possible, you could save a whole £60 a year.

7. Stopping overfilling the kettle

energy savings tips - kettle

As a nation that loves our tea and coffee, the kettle is up there with the most used electrical appliances in the kitchen. However, most of us are guilty of putting in more water than we need, and this is costing us money.

8. Filling the dishwasher

You should only put your dishwasher on when it is full if you want to stop wasting money and reduce water and energy usage. You could save £14 a year if you reduce your washes by one a week.

9. Taking a shower instead of a bath

While you may enjoy a long soak in the bath (especially in winter), keep in mind that it will cost you more in energy and water than your 4-minute shower. In fact, saving water at home is good for your bank balance, reduces carbon emissions and limits your impact on the local environment.

While these energy saving tips will save you both small and larger amounts of money over the course of a year, the savings certainly add up! By following these energy saving tips a typical household can save £340 (based on the April 2022 price cap) and with prices continuing to rise, these savings will get bigger too.

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