After a year of working, learning, exercising, and doing just about everything else from home, many people have turned to house renovations to find space — both literally and spiritually. As we approach the most popular seasons for home improvement, spring and summer, couples must establish ground rules before breaking ground.

While more living space, a dedicated home office, or an upgraded kitchen may alleviate the strain that the pandemic has placed on homes and families, the renovation process, which tests relationships even in the best of circumstances, may put additional strain on partnerships that are already fraying under the weight of the past year.

Couples are affected by home renovations!

According to the most recent statistics, more than 15% of couples consider divorce during or after house renovations. And I’m sure a handful of the remaining 85 percent spend chilly days sleeping under their bamboo duvets in different rooms.

Relationship flaws are on full display.

Renovations can worsen relationship fractures as couples deal with financial difficulties, protracted disruptions, and thousands of decisions ranging from how much they can afford to pay to lower a basement to choosing drawer handles for new kitchen cabinets.

The process can increase opposing decision-making techniques, harmful communication patterns, and hidden relational problems.

Following these findings, I discussed some primary reasons why couples quarrel during house renovations:

1. Installation of a Massive TV

When one spouse needs a gigantic 90-inch LED to watch ‘Vampire Diaries,’ while the other requires a tiny 32-inch for daily amusement, problems may arise for both of them.

For most couples, the size of their television is a source of significant tension. One person always requires it to be as enormous as possible, while the other spouse does not want it to be the room’s centre point.

The solution is for both of you to decide where your TV will go and find a suitable location that will not seem and feel overwhelmed.

However, if you can still resolve the issue, consider compromising on the sizes – consider a medium one to resolve the issue or shift the location.

2. Toilet partitions

Not everyone wants privacy when using the restroom.

According to a well-known group of home improvement specialists, adding a toilet compartment to your sizeable bathroom is just a primary source of argument for most couples.

But the point is that your toilet area needs the most excellent seclusion of any room in the house. Privacy, whether small or huge, should be the primary priority.

Some folks, however, do not want ample restroom space. They believe it only takes up more room that could be used elsewhere.

As a result, there is a great deal of disagreement on this subject. One spouse may declare, “I require a large private room for showering, bathing, shaving, and relaxing.” And the other will remark, “Why should I keep anything hidden from you when we’re married?” When everyone is on point, it’s a significant problem for both people.

3. Poor financial management

Poor financial management while renovating a property can cause most marriages to ‘fall apart.’ However, saving a few dollars can lead to significant problems because one partner prefers to spend money on everything while the other prefers to save money even on necessities.

The dilemma is exacerbated when one person decides to hire a low-cost home renovation contractor while the other seeks an expensive one capable of managing numerous tasks. And when they can’t decide which path to take, they fight!

4. Colours of paint

“What colour do you prefer for our ideal bedroom?” Imagine if you asked that question of your boyfriend and he gave you the utterly opposite answer that you despise the most.

If there is only a minor difference between the two options, it should not be a deal-breaker. However, if you want to paint your bedroom a bold red but your husband insists on spotless white, this might be an issue in your relationship.

It is preferable to view several samples before deciding on the best one. And if you fear your husband won’t be thrilled with this, choose the closest colour of that family.

If not managed appropriately, home improvement might be a marriage destroyer. I’m not asking you to make any concessions, but only to show some respect and concern for the issue because there are sure to be disagreements in any partnership. However, this does not imply that you will wind up fighting or blaming each other for bad judgments.

Sit down with your family, get professional guidance, and implement the most significant home renovation ideas to make your home a more comfortable and joyful place to live.

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