Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ have revolutionised the way we watch film and television. However, with so many to choose from and rising costs, which streaming services offer the best value for money for UK users?

While we would love to subscribe to them all, our bank balances are likely to disagree with us. Plus, you’ll want to make sure you are actually using and getting the most out of the streaming services you are paying for.

Let’s take a look at some options and prices that will help us to decide which UK streaming service is the best.

1. Netflix

At the time of writing this, there are close to 6,500 films and tv shows available to stream on Netflix in the UK. That is a lot of choice and plenty of hours of entertainment.

In terms of content, Netflix is probably the best UK streaming service. When thinking about the shows that your friends and family recommend, you’ll probably find that a lot of them are on Netflix.

They’re also great for releasing their own original productions including films and TV series. Many of these have been hugely popular like Stanger Things, The Crown and more recently, Bridgerton.

Netflix prices have been creeping up and with their latest increase, you could be paying anywhere between £12-£24 a year more. Their current rates are:

  • Basic – £5.99/month
  • Standard – £9.99/month (up by £1)
  • Premium – £13.99/month (up by £2)

While you’re not technically getting anything new for these higher prices, Netflix are constantly adding to their content library. In fact, there’s so much to watch you probably won’t need another streaming service. If you don’t need HD or multiple accounts the basic version of Netflix is a steal at £5.99 a month.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers you a pretty good deal in terms of value for money. While it lacks in new must-see shows, there are still plenty of gems and films to watch that you won’t find online elsewhere.

For Amazon Prime Video you’ll pay £5.99/month, or you can opt for full Prime membership which is £7.99/month with a whole host of added benefits. If you’re using a few Prime services, it’s definitely worth the money.

3. Disney+

Disney+ is the new kid on the block and they are luring us in with their catalogue of Disney classics, the Marvel cinematic universe and some new original series.

Disney+ have upped their prices this month and their packages are now as follows:

  • Monthly – £7.99/month (up by £2)
  • Annual – £79.90/year (up by £20)

The good news is that with these price rises, users will be getting a lot more content. There are some exciting new original TV series coming out this year including three Marvel shows (WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki) that feature the same actors as the popular movies. Star Wars fans won’t be disappointed either with the Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan for an original series.

Disney+ have also added some more adult-orientated content (not that we don’t love the kids’ films…) under the ‘Star’ brand. This content can be locked under parental controls and will include programs produced by ABC and FX as well as Century Fox films.

Essentially, if you are a Marvel or Star Wars fan, or have kids, then Disney+ is a must-have streaming service.

4. Now TV

With Now TV you can buy monthly passes to watch your favourite films and TV shows. One of the drawbacks, however, is that there are separate passes for films and series which means you’ll have to pay more if you want both. Their current prices are:

  • Now TV entertainment pass – £9.99/month
  • Now TV Sky Cinema pass – £11.99/month

They have got some excellent series available (if you haven’t watched them already) like Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Westworld, Gangs of London and Dexter.  If you’re keen to watch something in particular it may be worth keeping an eye out for offers or just joining for a month to watch the shows you want.

5. Britbox

Britbox promises the biggest collection of British TV content ever assembled in one place and at £5.99/month (or £59.99/year), it’s not a bad price.

Britbox brings together shows from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and is completely advert-free. Much-loved British shows including Downton Abbey, Broadchurch, Gavin & Stacey and the vicar of Dibley are all available to stream now. If you’re interested, you can try a free trial with them.

If you love British TV, however, don’t forget that there are still plenty of free options…

6. Free streaming services

Two fantastic UK streaming services are completely free – iPlayer and All 4. You can find hundreds of great drama and comedy series on these and many people forget to have a look at what’s in their back catalogues. If you’re unsure about what to watch next, be sure to check these out.

Bringing it all together

When it comes to choosing what to watch, we have a ridiculous amount of choice these days. While the streaming services above all have great offerings, there’s no way that you can get the most out of them if you’re subscribed to every single one.

To get the most value for money, you should subscribe to one or two services at a time. You should watch the shows you’re keen to see on that platform and when you’ve had enough, cancel your subscription and move onto the next. It’s really easy to cancel and restart your subscriptions and well worth doing it for the money you will save.

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