Many of us are guilty of stuffing our wardrobes full of clothes, half of which we don’t even wear anymore. How great would it be if those unwanted clothes could actually fetch you some extra cash?

The good news is there are now plenty of easy ways to clear some closet space and make some money out of your old clothes. Take a look at the options below.

eBay – for popular brands

eBay has been around for a while now and is well-known as being the go-to place to sell your stuff. With over 183 million users, there’s plenty of potential customers in the UK and worldwide who will want to get their hands on your second-hand clothes. It is especially great for selling well-known fashion brands.

While you may associate eBay with its auctions, you can also sell your items for a fixed price. While there may be some fees involved, keep an eye out for eBay’s ‘sell for £1 max’ promos which tend to run every couple of weeks.

Top Tip: Always use a tracked postal service, as if your items get lost, eBay is more likely to side with the buyer if you don’t have proof of postage.

Vestiaire Collective – for designer pieces 

If you have some designer pieces to sell this could be the site for you. They have a strong range of designers that they accept including & other stories, Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo and while the fees can be on the higher side (£13 flat fee for items up to £130), your items are likely to fetch a higher price compared to selling them on eBay.

The Vestiaire app is modern and easy to use and buyers can make offers which you can accept or decline. Once an item is sold you send it to Vestiaire for authentication and they forward them on to your buyer.

To get your money’s worth with the fees, it’s recommended that you sell items between £70-£130 on Vestiaire.

Depop – for vintage clothes

Vintage clothes are well on-trend and Depop is a great place to sell your pre-loved fashion. While it’s not exclusively a vintage site, garments from the 1990s and early 2000s seem to do particularly well here.

While it’s not compulsory to model the items yourself, Depop works like a cross between eBay and Instagram so many sellers post photos that are more attractive to buyers. If you have an eye for fashion yourself, you may also be able to spot some bargain buys that you can sell on for a profit.

Schpock – for selling locally

One of the biggest benefits of selling on Shpock is that there are no fees and you get to keep all the cash yourself. Like Facebook Marketplace, you can post ads on the site and people can make you an offer and pick up your items paying in cash – simple!

Items like children’s coats, wellies and kid’s clothes bundles tend to sell well, but more specific items, e.g. shoes, may take longer as your audience is limited to a local radius. It’s definitely worth a try though.

Facebook – for collection-only items

Facebook Marketplace and local buy and sell groups on Facebook are a great place to post your unwanted things. You can sell all sorts of items from clothes and shoes, to furniture and bikes. Buyers can then collect in-person and give you the cash.

We don’t recommend posting items to Facebook buyers as you aren’t covered if any disputes arise.

Get paid by the kilo – for clothes that have seen better days

 If you’re trying to sell quality clothing that’s in good condition then, it’s worth selling them individually on sites like those mentioned above. However, if you’ve just got a stack of stuff that is well-worn (but still in good condition) then you may want to search locally for companies that pay by the kilo.

You’re likely to be paid somewhere between 40p-60p per kilo of clothing but this does vary and not all clothing will be accepted. We don’t recommend posting your clothing to companies for inspection, as you may get stung with a return postage fee if your items are rejected.

Attend a car boot sale – for getting rid of lots quickly

You will have a smaller bargain-hunter audience when attending a car boot sale, but it is a great way to make a bit of cash and clear out a lot of unwanted stuff quickly. It’s a great place to sell low-value items so have a look what’s available in your local area.

Consider donating

Charity shops are always in need of clothing and it’s a great way for you to declutter and help a good cause all in one go. Check with your local shops what items they accept and get a big bag together to donate. It’s quick, easy and a good deed!

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  1. Great tips. I am really missing car boot sales at the moment.

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