Market-leading job site Indeed has revealed the highest paying jobs in the UK and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has claimed the top spot.

If you’re aiming to build a career that earns you big money, these jobs should be on your radar. This is the first time that Indeed have conducted this research and their findings are based on the roles advertised on their site. Having analysed over 3,200 full-time job adverts, they present a good picture of what the highest paying jobs in the UK are.

Let’s take a look.

Highest Paying Jobs UK

  1. Chief financial officer – Average salary of £112,666
  2. Vice president of sales – Average salary of £109,278
  3. Vice president of engineering – Average salary of £108,623
  4. Orthodontist – Average salary of £99,010
  5. Dermatologist – Average salary of £93,282
  6. Director of product management – Average salary of £92,692
  7. Neonatologist – Average salary of £92,003
  8. Rheumatologist – Average salary of £91,724
  9. Ophthalmologist – Average salary of £91,704
  10. Director of catering – Average salary of £91,578
  11. Nephrologist – Average salary of £91,521
  12. Plastic surgeon – Average salary of £90,922
  13. Senior director – Average salary of £90,059
  14. Paediatrician – Average salary of £89,723
  15. Anesthesiologist – Average salary of £89,501
  16. Managing director – Average salary of £88,101
  17. Unit director – Average salary of £86,727
  18. Vice president of finance – Average salary of £86,517
  19. Tax director – Average salary of £85,742
  20. Director of construction – Average salary of £85,148

Please note: The research did exclude CEOs as very few vacancies are advertised for these positions on public sites. Headhunting agencies are usually used for recruiting CEOs.

Senior financial roles are high on the list

Highest Paying Jobs - Finance

Unsurprisingly, those that are responsible for managing lots of money also make lots of money. CFOs are right at the top and they are responsible for overseeing a company’s financial plans and reports.

Other financial roles making into the top 20 include Vice president of finance making an average of £86,517 and tax directors who earn an annual salary of £85,742.

Vice presidents are up there

Coming in second on our highest paying jobs in the UK list is Vice president of sales. Their average salary is an impressive £109,278 and that’s not including hefty bonuses on top. Vice president of engineering appears next, taking home a salary of £108,623.

Working your way up to vice president level is not an easy feat, especially if you’re working for a large corporation. There’s no quick trick for earning the much money, you’ll want to map out your career and keep working your way towards the next rung on your career ladder.

Medical specialists dominate the highest paying jobs UK

Highest Paying Jobs - Orthodontist

Medical specialists are by far the most common type of role in our top 20 jobs. The highest paying of these is Orthodontists which are number four on our list. To become an Orthodontist can take a whole decade of training. This includes a five-year dentistry degree, followed by workplace training and a further three years’ study before they are fully qualified. They certainly earn their £99,010 salary!

Dermatologists are skin care specialists, and they are paid an average of £93,282 a year which puts them in fifth place. Also making an appearance in the top 10 are neonatologists who treat newborn babies, rheumatologists who specialise in joint diseases and ophthalmologists who take care of eye disorders.

With so many medical professions appearing, it would seem that the supply of qualified candidates is not keeping up with demand. This encourages employers to ramp up salaries to ensure they can effectively win the best talent.

Bringing it all together

Ultimately, we can see that the highest paying jobs in the UK require a lot of skill and experience. It takes time and a lot of study to reach these top spots, so if you’re aiming for one of these roles you’ll need to be dedicated and patient.

In the meantime, keep working on boosting your skills and driving your career development!

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  1. Interesting list. VP of Sales has got to be the easiest non-study role to get to…

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