Thanks to the rise of recruitment companies and online job boards, searching for a new role has never been so quick and easy. The difficult part, however, is actually getting that new job you’ve been searching for and a variety of factors can affect your success… Including job search motivation!

Although there are plenty of jobs out there, you need to find the right match, which isn’t going to happen overnight. From experienced professionals and job hunt veterans to career switchers and ‘newbie’ graduates – finding a job can take a while which can have a negative impact on your job search motivation.

It’s totally understandable that you may find yourself losing both heart and motivation after getting lost in a sea of job descriptions, application forms and covering letters. It’s also easy to become discouraged if your applications or interviews are followed by a ‘thanks, but no thanks email’.

However, if you motivate yourself and maintain a positive attitude, you’re much more likely to succeed in your job hunt. This is because you’ll be committed to applying, your applications will be at their best and you will be able to shine in interviews.

Is your job search motivation wilting? Here are some great ways to stay happy and motivated when looking for a new job:

1. Stay active

gaining job search motivation by staying active

The emotional and physical benefits of exercise are constantly drilled into us, but this is for a good reason. Exercise is stress-busting and happiness-boosting which is just what you need after hours of job hunting.

Breaking away from your phone and computer screen to do something active will give your mind the break it needs. Another hidden bonus is that your post-workout endorphins rush will give you a burst of positivity that will help with keeping you motivated.

2. Give yourself a break

gaining job search motivation by having a break

When you’re keen to find a new role, it’s easy to fall into the unhealthy habit of filling every free second you have with completing application forms and sending out CVs. Before you know it, your daily routine is: work, job hunt, sleep. This is not healthy and it isn’t just your personal life that will suffer, your work life and your job hunt will also be negatively affected if you don’t make some time for yourself to just relax.

Job hunting can often feel like another full-time occupation, but to be at your most productive, you need to let your brain switch off. Schedule in some allocated break times during your job search. Set an alarm if you have to! Take this time to rest, watch a little TV, do something that relaxes you and don’t forget to eat and drink to fuel your brain!

3. Try Volunteering

gaining job search motivation by volunteering

This one is especially relevant for those who are job hunting whilst being out of work, volunteering could be your secret weapon.

Voluntary work, whether that’s charity work or working without pay within your current/desired field, can give your CV and job applications that extra bit of ‘oomph’ to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. It may also give you the opportunity to develop your skill set which will benefit you personally and professionally.

Volunteering can be a welcome break and distraction from your job search, and doing something proactive will keep you in good spirits.

Don’t worry or give up; it may seem like a wild goose chase at times but be patient, keep going and all your time and effort will soon be worth it. The key is staying positive – this may be easier said than done, but it’s all a case of mind over matter. You can do it!

TOP TIP: Once you’ve perfected your CV, be sure to upload it to CV-Library so that employers can get in touch with you about relevant jobs!

Good luck!

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