Did you know that there’s an art to dating app conversation starters and Tinder opening lines? First impressions count and it can be difficult to stand out in the online dating world. In fact, what you say in the first 30 seconds – 3 minutes of interaction is as lasting as spending 3 hours chatting.

So, set aside any cheesy pick-up lines you may have in mind as it’s time to get thoughtful and creative with your Tinder opening lines! Use the information you have already gleaned from their profile, but keep your opener short and sweet. Let’s take a look at some options.

Ask about where they’re from

When interacting with someone for the first time, you’ll want to show that you are interested in getting to know them and a key part of who they are is probably where they are from.

Some good location-based conversation starters include:

  • “How long have you lived in…?”
  • “What’s your favourite restaurant here?”
  • “When did you go to Bali? That’s totally on my bucket list!”

Tinder opening lines - Bali

Pay them a compliment

Paying someone a compliment is great, but steer clear of anything physical-focused in your Tinder opening lines. Compliments can also lead to conversation. Here are some good examples:

  • “Did you really make that cake in your picture? You must be an amazing baker.”
  • “Looks like you’re quite the athlete from your profile. Where were you skiing in that pic?” 

Try teasing them

Teasing the person you’re interested in (in a playful and flirty way) is a great way to catch their attention and differentiate yourself. If you’re quite a sarcastic person, be careful not to come off as judgemental – remember, your sarcastic tone may not come across in a message. Here are some good examples of how you can use profile details to create a teasing Tinder opening line:

  • “Be honest. Is that dog yours or are you using them to get all the matches?”
  • “Errr you don’t like Marvel? We need to talk about that.”
  • “Is One Direction really your favourite band? I’m not sure I can get on board with that…”

Find out more about their hobbies and interests

Tinder opening lines - Skiing

Most people include information or photos that demonstrate their hobbies and interests on their Tinder profiles. This is conversation gold, especially if you have any in common. When asking about hobbies, try to go with open-ended questions that don’t require a simple yes or no answer, these will get the conversation flowing.

Here are some good examples:

  • “I see you travelled around Europe last year. Where was your favourite place?”
  • “Ooo you play guitar! Is that a side gig or just a cool hobby?”
  • “Wow you ran the London marathon! How tough was that?”

Go with an easy option

If you’re not getting a whole lot of information from the person’s profile and are unsure about how to make the first move, keep it simple. Questions like the ones below should help you to build a better picture of what someone is like:

  • “Where is the last place you travelled to?”
  • “What’s your film genres do you like?”
  • “What is your favourite film?”
  • “What’s the last book you read?”

Avoid this common mistake

It’s important not to get too deep with your initial Tinder interactions – this can come later. You’re trying to figure out if you have chemistry with the person so you’ll want to keep things light and fun!

Bringing it all together

Your Tinder opening lines should demonstrate that you have properly read and looked at the person’s profile and are interested in getting to know them more. If you try some of the Tinder opening lines above and still don’t get a response, then let’s just assume they are a boring bot who doesn’t deserve your attention. Good luck!

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