Coming up with cute date ideas can be challenging, especially if you have been in a relationship for a while. Netflix’s offering may feel endless, however, numerous nights in on the sofa with your other half can soon start to feel old.

If you’re looking to have fun and spend some quality time with your partner, or someone you’re getting to know, we have some cute date ideas for you to try. From old favourites like trying a new restaurant to the more adventurous horse riding, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

1. Be a tourist in your own town

When people come to visit your town, what do they like to see and do? We often forget about or take for granted local landmarks, so why not rediscover them and make it a cute date?

2. Tackle a new recipe together

Cooking can feel a bit like a chore for many, but it can be a really fun activity for couples. Find a new and adventurous recipe that you can make together, stick some music on and have a laugh. Hopefully, it will turn out well and you’ll have a tasty meal to enjoy at the end of it.

3. Indulge in a spa night

You can pick up some well-priced face masks, pedicure kits and massage oils from your local beauty shops and voila, you have everything you need for a great spa night at home. You’ll both look and feel great afterwards.

4. Go to a new restaurant

It’s easy to fall into the habit of going to the same couple of places to eat as they are a trusted favourite. However, if you know the menu and always order the same thing, it might be time to try somewhere new. Going to a new restaurant is a good way to mix things up and taste new foods.

5. Go for a picnic

This is a classic cute date idea, but when was the last time you had a romantic picnic? When the weather is nice, there’s nothing quite like packing some al fresco food and a few drinks and finding a nice spot for a picnic. If the weather’s not cooperating, you could also try a picnic of your favourite foods in your living room.

6. Go on a day out to the beach

Most of us love the sun, sea and sand and there’s nothing quite like the fresh air of the seaside. You can take a romantic stroll along the coast, sunbathe on the beach and don’t forget to treat yourselves to fish and chips.

7. Go horse riding

Even if you have zero experience, you should be able to go on a little guided horseback riding trek. You’ll be able to enjoy time with nature and your partner all in one go.

8. Take a day trip

There’s probably plenty of cool towns and little places to visit within an hour’s drive or so from your house. A day out to somewhere different can be its own little adventure with your partner.

9. Do a dance class

If you want to get to grips with your partner and a new talent, you could try going to a dance class together. This can be great fun and is a unique date that you may want to make a regular habit.

10. Go to a comedy show

A night out to a comedy show is a good excuse to get dressed up and have a good laugh with your partner. Local comedy shows are relatively cheap for live entertainment and even if you see a really bad stand-up performance, it’s still entertaining in its own way.

11. Try rock-climbing

Cute date ideas - rock climbing

If you’re up for a challenge and a good workout, why not try a rock-climbing date? It’s a fun activity to do together and, hopefully, you’ll be able to show off your physical prowess.

12. Attend a cooking class

By attending a cooking class, you’ll be able to level up your culinary skills and have a little flirt at the same time. With lots of evening classes, you’ll also be able to have a couple of drinks and a lovely meal at the end too.

13. Have a night away

Booking an old-school bed and breakfast, a fancy hotel, or a cool Airbnb for the night is a great way to change up the scenery and spend some quality time with your other half. Staycations can be perfect mini-holidays for couples.

14. Go to a local market

Exploring local markets can be a lovely afternoon out where you can support local businesses and try lots of delicious food. Keep an eye out for farmers markets, makers markets and niche markets that suit your tastes.

15. Go bowling

Ah, the classic bowling date! Bowling may have been a regular trip out when you were in your teens, but many of us seem to forget about it as we move into adulthood.

16. Make pizza from scratch

Who doesn’t love pizza? Getting your hands sticky with pizza dough and choosing your favourite toppings is great fun, but whose pizza will turn out the best?

17. Create a bucket list

Creating a couple’s bucket list is really fun and will get you both excited for all the future adventures you will have together. Think big!

18. Have a board game night

Whether you want to crack out the classics or try something completely new, a board game night can be really fun. If you want to make it more lively, you could also invite some friends.

19. Explore a museum

Do you have a local museum that you’ve never even been to? A trip to a museum can be both educational and an opportunity to spend time with your partner doing something that you might not usually do.

20. Go to a zoo or aquarium

When it comes to cute date ideas, is there anything cuter than animals?

Cute date ideas - aquarium

21. Play a sport together

Challenge your other half to a game of tennis, or table tennis and see who comes out on top. There are lots of city bars now that incorporate fun games and make great date destinations. You could even go for beer pong!

22. Go for a walk or hike

Whether you take a walk around a local park or go hiking further afield, you’ll have loads of time to talk and connect with your partner.

23. Have a breakfast date

You can create a fun breakfast date at home (why not try making pancakes) or go out for a fancier brunch. If you want to make things more exciting you could opt for a themed bottomless brunch.

24. Go crazy golfing

Crazy golf, mini-golf, junkyard golf – there are loads of options for playing golf that is easy and requires zero golfing skills. In fact, you’ll probably end up laughing about how terrible you are at it.

25. Build a fort

If you want to reconnect with your inner child, why not try building a fort at home? Get the sheets and the sofa cushions out and see what you can create with your other half. If you do a good job, then you can settle down to watch a film in it afterwards.

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