Do you ever get fed up of chasing trends? What’s “in” today could very easily be “out” next season and when it comes to styling our homes, making regular changes to interior design styles can be very costly.

Our homes are extremely personal to us and when thinking about your interior design and decor, it’s more important to focus on what’s right for you than what’s trendy. This is where timeless interior design styles can play an important role.

Read on for some interior inspiration that will never go out of fashion.

1. Scandinavian style

While scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, minimalism and functionality, it can still be used to create a cozy and comfortable home. To achieve this style you’ll want to focus on:

  • Making the most of natural light (hello big mirrors)
  • Using muted colours
  • Keeping surfaces smooth
  • Using natural materials like wood, leather, linen and faux fur
  • Choosing furniture that isn’t fussy
  • Adding only a few simple accessories


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2. Country cottage

This style evokes living in a cottage out in the middle of the countryside and really celebrates a rural lifestyle. The good news is you don’t actually have to live in a country cottage to achieve it.

This timeless interior style suits people who like knitted blankets, floral wallpapers, lace curtains and handmade items. You’ll want to clash patterns and pile up the cushions to create a cozy, wholesome vibe that you’ll love.

3. Modern country

If the more traditional and floral country cottage style isn’t your cup of tea, you could opt for the less twee modern country. This style streamlines the traditional elements of country living. Think flagstone floors, wingback armchairs, elegant lamps and painted wooden furniture.

The key to achieving this style is finding the balance between old and new. Take elements of rustic and vintage styles and combine them with warmth and contemporary minimalism.


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4. Industrial

The industrial interior design aesthetic takes elements from industrial spaces and old factories and turns them into home design features. If you’re lucky enough to live in a converted loft or barn, you’ll already have a fantastic base for emulating this style.

If you want to bring the industrial style into your home, you should think about how you can use elements like bare bricks, wood and metals as well as salvaged/recycled materials.

5. Vintage

The vintage interior style can mean different things to different people. Generally, it takes inspiration from the time periods between the 1920’s and 1960’s and combines elegance with old fashioned design. If you’re into your antiques and collecting old objects for display, this style will be right up your street.


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6. Bohemian

Bohemian is having a bit of a moment right now, but it’s also a great style that will last the test of time. Bohemian interior design is colourful, eclectic and whimsical. It’s great for bring together different cultures and interesting elements from around the world. To achieve this style, you should get:

  • Fringe
  • Crochet
  • Macramé
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Layered rugs


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