Did you know that the colours of your surroundings can have a significant impact on your mood? Psychological studies have found that colour changes the way we feel, for example, blue can have a calming effect, while red can help you focus.

With this in mind, the colours that we use to decorate our homes may need some more thought. Discover what colours are perfect for each room in your house below.

The Kitchen – Yellow


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According to psychologists, yellow increases serotonin production in your body and boosts your appetite. This makes it ideal for your kitchen and is why you often see yellow in restaurants.

The Bedroom – Blue


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Blue is a colour that has the power to make you feel calm and promote a serene atmosphere. Looking at the colour blue can even lower your heart rate. If you want to turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis where you can wind down and get a good night’s sleep, paint it blue!

The Hallway – Grey


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While grey doesn’t have as many mood-changing qualities, it is perfect for hallways and entryways due to its neutrality. This means that it won’t clash with the colours you choose in your other rooms and it will make your house look elegant.

The Living Room – Orange


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Orange is a warm colour that is ideal for core areas of your home. It is welcoming and evokes excitement and enthusiasm.

The Home Office or Gym – Red


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Red is an excellent colour to paint your home office or gym. This is because it makes us more productive and helps to increase our speed and the strength of our reactions. You’ll be smashing your goals with the help of a red room (not the 50 Shades of Grey kind).

The Baby’s Room – Bright Green


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Did you know that the colour you paint your baby’s room can have an impact on their development? Green comes out as the top colour for nurseries as it has a calming effect that reduces pressure and helps your baby to sleep peacefully.

The Busy Spaces – Pink


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While pink is often still thought of as a feminine colour, it has a whole host of psychological benefits for all of us. Pink walls can have the effect of breaking up tension and avoiding conflict. It’s unsurprising then that some prisons paint their walls pink. It also evokes feelings of compassion and kindness and all of these qualities make it ideal for busy spaces such as offices and shops.

The Creative Areas – Lilac


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Purples and lilacs are strongly linked with creativity and imagination. If you’re in a creative line of work, then lilac may be a better option for your study, or if you have a crafts room at home, purple is ideal for that creative boost.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your paint and paintbrushes out and create the atmosphere that you want throughout your home.

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