One of the big milestones we all hope to make in adulthood is buying our first home. You’ll also be there to help your friends and family members celebrate moving into their homes, and a lovely gesture is to buy housewarming gifts. But what should you get them?

Deciding on housewarming gifts can be a bit of a minefield. You’ll probably want to get something for the home, but if possible it should be in-keeping with the receiver’s style.

To help you find the perfect thing, we’ve put together a list of excellent new home gift ideas below.

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1. Something smelly

Of course, we’re talking about buying something that smells lovely here! Everyone can appreciate nice scents within the home. However, after forking out on furniture and homewares, many new homeowners don’t have much budget left for the small touches.

You could treat them to a diffuser like this or a popular scented candle to make their house smell more like a home! You can’t go wrong with housewarming gifts like these.

2. Tea Towels

At the risk of sounding incredibly old and boring, tea towels are actually an incredibly helpful gift. It’s always good to have a few around and they can add a bit of style and colour to the kitchen.

You could opt for a sleek cotton set in a colour of your choice (stick to neutral colours if you are unsure), or go for something cute like these with ducks on, or something funny.

3. A Kitchen Herb Garden

If your friend is someone who likes to cook, then this is a really thoughtful housewarming gift. Getting them a pack of seeds for growing their own kitchen herb garden is a great little project and something anyone can try.

4. Coasters

Nobody wants tea or coffee rings staining their brand new furniture. This is why it’s always great to have a stylish set of coasters around.

5. Mugs

You can never have too many mugs, right? You could treat your friend to a classy set of 6 mugs, or really remind them that they are an adult now with this jokey mug. After all that furniture moving and building, your friend is sure to need a good cup of tea!

6. Local Art

Local artwork is an excellent new home gift idea, if your confident about getting your friends’ taste right. It’s a particularly thoughtful option if they are moving to a new place too.

For example, if their home is in Manchester, artwork of the city like this could be a good option. For Londoners, you could get this nordic style city map. Shop around and see if there’s anything linked to the local area that you think they will like.

7. A Custom Sign

If you’re looking for easy housewarming gifts, a customised sign like this one is a great option. You can include their names, house number, street and move in date which is a great personal touch.

8. Chocolates

It’s not the most inventive gift but if you’re invited round to see your friend’s new home, a good old box of chocolates is sure to go down well. If you’re lucky, they may even crack the box open and share them with you while you toast to thei

r new home!

9. Cheese Board Set

If you know your friend is more of a cheesy-fiend than a chocolate lover, then a cheese board set could be the perfect gift! This oval one from Amazon looks great and the cheese knives are tucked neatly away in an internal draw. Now bring on the cheese and wine nights!

10. Hand Soap Set

A luxury hand soap set isn’t something you would necessarily think of buying yourself. They are, however, lovely housewarming gifts for someone to put in their kitchen or new bathroom.

11. Oven dish

This gift is peak adulting territory! It’s nice to have new oven dishes though when you move into a new home. This cute set of 4 mini dishes  are perfect for  making lasagne, pies, casserole, tapas and more.

12. Amazon Gift Card

If you’re completely stuck for new home gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card. This gives your friend the freedom to choose a treat for themselves and there is plenty to choose from with Amazon!

When you move into a new home, there’s always extra bits and bobs that you realise you need. It certainly wouldn’t take you friends long to spend this gift.

Bringing it all together

You don’t have to spend much money in order to buy thoughtful housewarming gifts. The options above all come in at £20 or under and there’s something for everyone.

More than anything, your friends are likely to appreciate any help you can give them while moving and you company in celebrating this big life achievement!

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