Want to Step Up Your Morning Motivation? You Need to Read This

Learning how to get motivated in the morning can have a big impact on your mood, productivity and daily success.

How we start our days can have a significant impact on how the rest goes, but it is not always easy to spring out of bed every morning feeling positive and ready to go.

If you’re not a morning person, then take a look at the 6 tips below that will help you to get motivated in the morning.

1. The snooze button is your enemy, not your friend

Some of us are slaves to our snooze buttons and can’t help but hit it repeatedly to saver just 5 more minutes in bed. However, being repeatedly woken up suddenly and loudly every 5-15 minutes is not a good way to start your day and will not make you feel any better once you eventually do get up.

Do not delay the inevitable. Get up at your first alarm!

2. Have something to look forward to

You’ll probably know that if you have something that you are dreading that day, you tend to wake up feeling negative. On the flip side, if you have something good or exciting to look forward to, then you wake up feeling positive.

Try to set yourself up with a focus on positive things in your day to feel motivated in the morning.

3. Drink plenty of water

Do you often feel drowsy when you first wake up in the morning? This is probably because our bodies get dehydrated during the night. Try drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up to oust that drowsiness and to feel motivated for the day.

4. Listen to music

Music is a great mood enhancer and an effective way to get you feeling energised at the start of your day. Pop the radio on or listen to a favourite playlist/CD and you will have created a positive atmosphere for yourself in which to get ready for your day.

5. Set yourself goals

If you’re stuck in a routine with work and your personal life, it can be easy for the days to slip by and for you to forget what it is that you actually want to achieve. What are you going to work for?

Try setting yourself clear goals for the year or coming months and create a vision board so that you do not lose sight of these goals. Your board should be a visual montage including things like holidays, what you want to buy and experiences you want to have. Put your board up somewhere you can see it either at home or at work and whenever you’re feeling de-motivated (hello dreary mornings), you can refocus and get motivated by reminding yourself of your goals.

6. Get active

Squeezing in some exercise or doing some gentle stretching is great for getting your blood circulation flowing. If you do this shortly after getting up, you will definitely feel more energised for the rest of the day.

A gym trip or a run before work is one option, or if you’re not such a fitness fanatic some simple stretching will also have a positive effect. Personal trainers often recommend 5-10 minutes of stretching to get motivated in the morning.

Being positive and motivated will drive you towards success in every aspect of your life. Self-motivation is a valuable skill to master and once you do, you’ll feel and see the difference in yourself and your performance.

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